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Belleville transit wants to hear from you

By Emma Persaud [1]

BELLEVILLE – The Belleville Transit Department [2] is trying to learn more about how bus-goers feel about their commutes.

The department released a survey on Feb. 18 called “Rate your ride.” [3] Residents are able to share what bus routes they use and how the experience was for them.

Riders are encouraged to complete the short survey after their ride to share up-to-date information on their trip, according to a post [4] on the Belleville city website from the transit department.

The survey has arrived just as Councillor Egerton Boyce’ [5]s month of taking the bus – and only the bus – comes to an end. Boyce has left his car in the cold [6] for the month of February to use the busses that so many Belleville citizens rely on. QNet News will be talking with him and other transit-users tomorrow about their experiences travelling the city’s routes.

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