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Former lead singer of Barenaked Ladies performs in Belleville

By Isaiah Mawhinney [3]

BELLEVILLE – The former lead singer of Canadian band Barenaked Ladies [4], Steven Page, performed a few songs at the Belleville Via Rail station [5] Tuesday afternoon.

Page was in Belleville Tuesday morning for interviews with local radio stations.

Before he headed back to Toronto on the 3:30 p.m. train, Page put on an impromptu performance for the public.

The room was flooded with dozens of people eagerly anticipating Page’s arrival. As he made his way out of the Via Rail employee room, the small crowd erupted in applause.

Page’s short appearance was spent singing some of his old music as well as some new songs.

These Via Rail stops are a part of a unique promotion plan for his new album called “Heal Thyself Pt. 1: Instinct”.

Page says he wanted to do something a little different than other artists.

“Everybody comes through a town and does the same thing. By showing up at the train station, it’s a little bit different.” he said.

CDs were being sold for $10 out of his guitar case.

After Page finished performing, other reporters were desperate to talk to either Page or his manager Cynthia Barry. QNet News was able to get a few seconds with her before being cut off by other fans, “Sorry we might just have to do this after!” she said.

The turnout at their other Via Rail stops have been great, according to Barry who told QNet that Ottawa had close to 200 people.

Page was also seen by fans in Toronto where he was busking outside of Union Station on March 11.

Twitter user @stevenpagefans [6] updates thousands of followers after every stop Page makes on his promotional tour.

Page says he is looking forward to coming back to Belleville in the next year.