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LIVE CHAT: Should colleges get Easter Monday off?

easterweekend2015When transitioning from high school to college, students learn they no longer get a four-day weekend for Easter.

All across Ontario elementary and high school students have the day off, even though Easter Monday is not a provincial statutory holiday.

Easter Monday is only a statutory holiday for federal employees.

The difference between grade schools and post-secondary institutions is that grade schools are under the jurisdiction of the Ontario Ministry of Education, which says that Easter Monday is a holiday for all school boards. While, the Ontario Ministry of Training runs post-secondary institutions and does not follow the same parameter.

QNet News talked to Human Resources executive Don Sinclair, who said this is because colleges traded Remembrance Day and Easter Monday in order to get a full week off between Christmas and New Years.

Do you agree? Or should colleges follow the example of the Ontario school boards?

This coming Easter Monday, QNet will be holding a live chat from 6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.. Reporters Ashley Clark and Tara Henley will be hosting the event.

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