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LIVE CHAT: The Life and Legacy of Rob Ford

Ford [1]On March 22, 2016, the country of Canada and the city of Toronto lost one of its most controversial and most talked about figures with the death of former mayor Rob Ford due to cancer. Born in Etobicoke on May 28, 1969, Ford had a dream of becoming a professional football player before his focus shifted to politics. He became a councillor for Ward 2 Etobicoke North under a Mel Lastman-led government in 2000. He served as a councillor under Lastman and two tenures under David Miller before running for and winning the mayor’s seat in 2010. Ford’s four year tenure as mayor of Toronto was rife with controversy, from questionable comments in the media, to strange political decisions and the infamous “crack video”. When Ford passed away, many of the same people, media and elsewhere, that had previously mocked him all of a sudden waxed poetic about his political career and about how generous and humble of a person he was. Many wonder what his legacy will be in future years and how he will ultimately be remembered by our generation and by Torontonians of all ages.

This Thursday, April 14th, at 6:30, QNet News journalists Brock Ormond and Megan Pounder will be hosting a live chat on the 64th Mayor of Toronto and how he impacted not only the city of Toronto and the country of Canada

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