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Sir John A. MacDonald students moving out

By Angus Argyle [1]

BELLEVILLE – Grade 7 and 8 students from Sir John A. MacDonald Public school are going to high school next week.

Kerry Donnell, communications officer for the Hastings Prince Edward District School Board, explained that overcapacity and high enrolment at the elementary school led the move of students to Centennial Secondary School.

Donnell said she’s hearing both sides of emotion from parents regarding the move.

“We have heard from some parents that are expressing concern,” she said. “We’ve also heard from parents who are supportive of it as well.”

Donnell said she understands both sides, saying upset parents had a right to be. She said she also believes the change is necessary for the students to get the educational environment they deserve.

“One of the options that we looked at was putting classrooms in the gym or putting classrooms in the library, and that wouldn’t be effective for anyone.” she said. “They’re not conducive of good learning environments, it would also take those rooms out of commission for others to use.”

This isn’t the first time students from an elementary school have been relocated to a high school because of lack of space. Bayside and Moira Secondary Schools have accommodated elementary from overcrowded schools.






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