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New themed pub night added this semester

By Mallory Day [1]

BELLEVILLE – Loyalist College [2]‘s student government has added a new themed pub night to the schedule this semester.


Student government added a new pub night at the shark tank pub. Photo by Mallory Day, QNet News

Dress To Impress night [3]is the name of the new pub scheduled for Oct. 20. This is a formal pub and requires students to dress up. Student government [4]president, Heather Williams, said it found that students like to dress up a lot, so this is giving themĀ an occasion.

“This one is more of a formal atmosphere,” said Williams. “Instead of a red carpet, there will be a gold carpet when you walk in.”

Student government vice-president Stephanie Young said a lot of the people she has talked to are already really excited.

“All the girls on our soccer team are extremely excited because they actually get to fully dress up,” said Young. “You have an extra occasion to fully dress up. As opposed to a Little Black Dress night where it’s more dressing up for the girls, where as the guys have to dress up to get in.”

Williams said she’s really excited for Dress To Impress pub.

“We’re both on the soccer team so this is the first real night where we can actually go out, so I’m excited to dress up and get ready with the girls and then go out.”