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Celebrating National Coffee Day

By Stephanie Clue [1]

BELLEVILLE – It’s National Coffee Day [2] and java lovers can rejoice.

According to the Coffee Association of Canada’ [3]s  2015 coffee trends report, coffee is the most popular drink among Canadian adults with an average of 3.2 cups being consumed daily.

Esthetics and Spa Management [4]student Juliana Rutter says she has been a regular coffee drinker for the past three years.

National Coffee Day means having as many coffees as you want. Photo by Stephanie Clue, QNet News

National Coffee Day means having as many coffees as you want. Photo by Stephanie Clue, QNet News

“Depending on the day, I sometimes bring two thermoses of coffee to class in the morning. I drink at least four cups a day if not more.”

Rutter said she buys most of her coffee at Tim Hortons [5], usually getting a medium double-double dark roast. If she wants iced coffee, Rutter says she’ll go to Starbucks [6].

“I usually get a venti because why not. If the coffee is cold I like to get a cold brew or an iced caramel macchiato,” she said.

The Coffee Association of Canada says specialty coffees and frozen coffees are becoming more and more popular with Canadians aged 18-49. The report says that traditional coffee is most likely to be consumed by Canadians aged 65-79 and millennials are more interested in coffees that are ethically sourced.

Rutter said she plans on celebrating National Coffee Day by drinking a pot of coffee at home.

Motive Power [7] student Matthew Chamilliard buys at least one coffee a day. He says if he doesn’t drink coffee in the morning he’ll fall asleep.

“It’s a good motivator to wake up,” he said.

Chamilliard says he doesn’t plan on cutting down his coffee intake.

“There are probably worse things that I’m putting in my body and coffee keeps me awake for school, which I’m paying a lot of money for.”

He said the reason he started drinking coffee was Tim Hortons Roll up the Rim promotion. Last year Chamilliard won a $100 gift card.

Canadian coffee giant Tim Hortons is celebrating National Coffee Day in a new way. According to a tweet [8] from the company, it will be randomly handing out 100 coffee cards with the intention of sharing 10,000 coffees in 10 days.

The customers who get the cards are encouraged to buy themselves a coffee and pass the card off to a friend or a stranger afterward.