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Hunters should beware of trespassing on private property

By Leah Den Hartogh [1]and Angus Argyle [2]

BELLEVILLE – A local hunter called police after he said he caught two people from Toronto trespassing on a property to hunt rabbit this morning.

Ben Harvey, who is also the owner of High Falls Outfitters [3], said he was on his way to work when he saw a silver car in a field that he has permission to hunt on.

Harvey said that people need to ask and be respectful when using someone’s property during the hunting season.

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters [4] has an online form [5] people can fill out to get permission from landowners.  The form can protect both the interests of the hunter and the landowner if something goes wrong.

Harvey explained that if you become a member of the OFAH, you’re able to get up to three million dollars in insurance that will protect both you as a hunter and the landowner whose property you’re hunting on.

Aaron Fraser, another local hunter, says that it’s easy to avoid trespassing. Most people put up fences or signs warning people to stay out. “It is important to know your boundaries.”

The universal sign for no trespassing is a red dot.

It’s not known if the two men found trespassing were charged.