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Ontario plans new rules for water bottling

By Corey Jacobs [1]

BELLEVILLE – Water bottling companies will face new regulations by the end of the year.

Ontario announced [2] on Monday a proposal for new regulations designed to protect clean water for future generations.

The proposal would impose a two-year moratorium on bottled-water companies expanding their use of existing groundwater sites or developing new sites. The moratorium will last until January 2019. During that period, the province plans to carry out research on the groundwater situation and review its rules for protecting groundwater.

The province also proposes to impose shorter renewal times for permits to take groundwater. The new renewal maimum would be five years, down from the current 10.

The province also plans for new rules for water-bottling companies, like less production during times of drought and increased public transparency.

The public can comment on the proposed moratorium through the Environmental Registry [3] until Dec. 1.

QNet News will be reaching out to local businesses to learn how they will be affected. More to come.