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Local nightclub hosts drag show for shelter charity

By Nikolai Karpinski [5]

BELLEVILLE –  Dustin Frederick got a lap dance on Thursday night, but it was for a good cause.

Frederick was at a drag concert at Little Ts [6]  last week, an event to raise money for local women’s shelters.

The performers were a Toronto-based drag troupe called Lads n’ Lashes [7].

Matteo Cassano and Robin Loren took the stage in front of a fairly full house. Their concert included numerous impersonations resembling famous celebrities such as: Cher, Shania Twain, Liza Minnelli, Adele and Judy Garland.

Between music sets the performers told a number of provocative jokes ranging from rednecks to politics. At one point in the night Loren dedicated a song to president-elect Donald Trump and said, “the White House had to change their door knobs to kittens just to make him feel more comfortable.”

The performers also engaged the audience at numerous points in the show. This included calling a man from the audience onstage for a lap dance. 

Erin Petrie (left) and Dustin Frederick were front row at the concert. Frederick was joked with throughout the night by the performers. Photo by Nikolai Karpinski, QNet News

Erin Petrie (left) and Dustin Frederick were front row at the concert. Frederick was called to the stage for a lap dance. Photo by Nikolai Karpinski, QNet News.

Dustin Frederick was that man. He’s a group home worker from Belleville. He said called the experience “incredible.” Frederick’s girlfriend, Erin Petrie, said about the performer, “I loved how she groped him.”

When asked how Frederick was picked from the crowd, performer Loren said “because he was beautiful.” 

Proceeds from the ticket sales were donated to the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation [8]. The foundation is a charity providing homes to protect women and children from domestic violence. 

John-Ross Parks is a realtor and volunteer organizer for the foundation. He said the goal for the night was to raise $5,000 for the foundation. Parks also said that 80 per cent of all money raised would go back into the local community. Parks said that the concert raised $5,300 by the end of the night.

John-Ross Parks organized the drag concert. Here he is announcing his next charity initiative to raise money by locking himself on a roof until he raises $25,000. Photo by Nikolai Karpinski, QNet News.

John-Ross Parks announcing he will lock himself on a roof until he raises $25,000 for the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation. Photo by Nikolai Karpinski, QNet News.

Parks told the audience during the concert that his next charity event would involve locking himself on top of the Royal LePage building until he raises $25,000 for the foundation. He’s been live streaming since Friday at icanrebuild.com [9]