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Spending time to save money this holiday season


By Emilie Quesnel [1]

BELLEVILLE – Black Friday events might see a few less faces this year as people turn to homemade gifts instead. 

Not only are hand-crafted gifts easier on the wallet, people like Meghann Atkinson say that this approach to presents is a great way to show someone you care. 

“I think people will really appreciate how much time went into each gift,” she said. “I feel a certain amount of pride every time I finish a gift.” 

Atkinson is a recent college grad and said she has tons of student debt looming over her. Since money was tight this year, she said she decided to get crafty.

“I’ve always enjoyed crafts and creative things, so when it became reality for me that I just don’t have the money to shop like I regularly do, homemade gifts seemed to be the logical choice,” Atkinson said. 

Atkinson is not alone in this approach. Alice Mitchell, the store manager at G & G Handcraft in Belleville, said the holiday season is always the busiest, and certain crafts are re-gaining popularity as people work to stay on budget. 

“We see a lot of people in this time of year getting supplies for gifts. Knitting, actually, is coming back. Macrame is coming back too, in a big way,” Mitchell said.


Atkinson has spent less than a quarter of what she usually spends by stocking up on craft supplies and avoiding store-bought gifts. Photo courtesy of Emilie Quesnel, QNet News.