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Five things you didn’t know about Loyalist College

By Ashley Clark [1]

BELLEVILLE – Loyalist College is full of interesting places, people and things students don’t even realize are there. 

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about the college:

  1. Ever wonder where the photos from pub night go? Perhaps you had your photo taken during Universal Break [2], participating in a club, or at a campus event. 
    Scott Rook is Loyalist College [3]‘s pub night photographer and said he gets around a dozen people asking him where the photos go each night.
    “A lot of them will come up to me and say, ‘hey, where are they going?’ and I’ll say, ‘oh, it goes on Facebook,’ and they probably don’t remember the next morning,” he said.
    All photos that get taken at events covered by Loyalist College photographers get posted on the Loyalist students website [4] and the Loyalist students Facebook page [5], usually within a week of being taken.
  2. Missing home-cooked meals? Well, the cafeteria isn’t just burgers, chicken fingers and pizza.
    The Chef’s Table run by chef Jennifer Cancilla provides a set menu for entrees over a four-week rotation.
    “People do not realize it’s there… We’re tucked away in the corner,” said Cancilla, a graduate of Loyalist College. 
    The Chef’s Table runs Monday to Friday starting at 10:30 a.m. and goes until supplies last.
    Cancilla said the most popular meal on the menu is her shepherd’s pie, but a few other options include lasagna, meatloaf, stroganoff, and fish and chips.
    “I love to cook. It’s a definite passion of mine and I love coming to work every day. And when you’re making people happy by providing them a good meal, then I’m doing my job,” said Cancilla.
  3. Having trouble finding a quiet spot to study? Look no further than up the stairs and around the corner from the Link Lounge, in a chair-and-table-filled space above the auto shops.
    According to student government president Heather Williams, this Skills Centre study area was empty up until the Dining Hall renovations in 2013. It was then that the leftover furniture was moved up into this space. Some of the furniture even came from the Pioneer Cafe this past summer when it, too, was updated.
    First-year biotechnology student Manpreet Kaur said she discovered the space only because she had classes nearby.
    “I study here with my friends and I do my assignments here also,” she said.
    Kaur said she thinks most people sit in the Student Access Lab to do their work because they don’t know about the Skills Centre study area.
    “I love to sit here because it’s very calm and I do assignments very well,” Kaur said.
  4. Think the SAL is the only place to print at Loyalist? Think again. The Xerox is a print shop found on the first floor of the college that can provide services like:
    – printing (letter & larger scaled)
    – binding & finishing
    – copying
    – laminating
    – faxing
    – stapling
    The shop also has many paper options to choose from, like card stock or coloured, and unlike the SAL, the printing quality is as good as Staples.
    “We’re not known that well: not as much as we’d like to,” said print shop associate Doug Millar.
    The Xerox shop is in room 1H21 and is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays and accepts cash only.
    “We want to do a great job for you,” said Millar.


  5. Loyalist College is surrounded by forest and for those that don’t look close enough, they may not have realized there were trails right in the college’s backyard.
    For cross-country runner Noah Middaugh the trails are used to train, but he said he doesn’t see many others.
    “I see like one person once in a blue moon… It’s always kind of shocking when you bump into someone back there,” he said.
    Entrances to the trail can be found behind the townhouse residences and at the lower soccer field. The trail branches off into a two kilometre and three kilometre route.
    Mark Genereaux is the maintenance worker who maintains the trails.
    “I think they’re mainly used for cross-country, but if people know about them they go for walks through there and see where they go,” said Genereaux.
    These trails aren’t advertised on the Loyalist College website [17], making it difficult to know they’re there.
    “I feel like (at) this school a lot of people commute in and they kind of just come in, go to class, do their work and then leave. I don’t think many people explore the campus,” Middaugh said.