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Students’ work displayed at Loyalist College

"The Making of Becky" character sketch by Rebecca Brook. Photo by Katie Perry, QNetNews

“The Making of Becky” character sketch by Rebecca Brook. Photo by Katie Perry, QNetNews

By Katie Perry [1]

BELLEVILLE – Artistic pieces created by Loyalist College Animation [2], Graphic Design and Architectural Technology [3] students are on display in the Link Lounge this week.

The Art and Design Foundation Exhibition [4] is hosted by the students in the curatorial practices class. It showcases work from other programs this year instead of using the curatorial practices students’ own work, according to Aaron Rose, the co-ordinator of the Art and Design Foundation program.

The theme is “work in progress.” The pieces in the Link Lounge include sculptures, models, storyboards and character sketches.

“The point of the exhibition was to try to gather work that could show in some way how art and design students get to an end result,” Rose said. “Where do they start? ‘Cause you never see that. You really only ever see a finished piece of work.”

One piece featured in the exhibition is The Run by Rebecca Brook, a second-year animation student. The story is inspired by Brook’s dreams of being chased. She explains: “The fox wakes up after … a small winter nap and it’s being chased by arrows. No matter where it goes, the arrows seem to find it. And when the fox thinks it has found a safe haven, it only gets shot. But out of the arrow that pierced its body, we see the spirit of the fox fly away into the sun.”

First-year animation student Joseph Bonitibus said the show is a way to promote and showcase student work, but also to find inspiration.

“Anything you see, anything around you, helps to make you a better artist,” said Bonitibus.