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Truck driver charged with distracted driving

By Emilie Quesnel [1]

BELLEVILLE – A Shannonville truck driver was charged with distracted driving last week after getting caught talking on his cell phone while driving. 

The 43-year-old man was driving a tanker truck down Highway #62 around 10 a.m. on Nov.25 when a Central Hastings Ontario Provincial Police [2] officer saw the man on his phone. The driver was fined $490 and given three demerit points under the Highway Traffic Act [3]

Charges of this nature continue to be reported, even after the fines for distracted driving were increased last September.

The Central Hastings OPP urges the public to put their phones down, especially during the winter months. They have compiled a list of tips for drivers who find themselves tempted by their phones while driving. 

Tips include: