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Belleville swears in new firefighters

Jocyelyn Brethour is one of the first two female firefighters sworn in for Belleville. Photo by James Gaughan QNet News

Jocyelyn Brethour was one of six new part-time volunteer firefighters sworn in for Belleville. Photo by, James Gaughan, QNet News

By James Gaughan [1]    

BELLEVILLE – Mayor Taso Christopher [2] swore in six new part-time volunteer firefighters at city council [3], including two women on Monday night.    

Jocelyn Brethour is one of the two and will join the Station Three fire station [4]

Brethour started volunteering for the fire department of Belleville about a year and a half ago. She said that she has wanted to be firefighter since she was little and being officially sworn in is a dream come true. 

“In elementary school I actually did a career project on it and stuck to it,” she said.    

Brethour said that she feels that “it’s very important,” that women get recognition for the job they do as firefighters.

“Females can do just as much as males can do,” Brethour said.   

It was a proud moment for the c [4]ommander of station three Ken Baumhour [5] as well. 

“It’s great for me because I’ve been involved here for 30 years and I’ve hired these guys and brought them up through the year. It’s like a proud papa,” Baumhour said.   

Brethour said that there’s a simple reason why she enjoys being a firefighter. 

“I love helping people. That’s the main reason.”