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Golden Globes: How Can You Steal the Look?


By Madeleine Villa [9]

Marina Borestki knows that the talked-about red carpet looks are often the ones that are unique and different.  

“I don’t set the rules that other women set for themselves,” said Boretski, a local fashion enthusiast, and the owner of Boretski Gallery in downtown Belleville.

“Every engagement a fashion struggle? I don’t see it like that. I take something from the closet and pair it with something else I haven’t worn in a while. Who is to say that isn’t right?”  said Boretski

Boretski kept an eye on the looks at the recent Golden Globes [10] , a unique award show due to its early-January date. The red-carpet is one of the first for the new year and it can set the tone for fashion trends to come.

This year’s Golden Globes left little to the imagination when it comes to fashion.  Ruffles, lace, sequins, velvet and sparkle galore. These A-listers raised the bar for all things luxurious in 2017.

The red carpet is always fun to watch, but it is difficult to find ways to wear the looks everyday. How can a regular person wear ruffles, and pastel yellows, velvet, lace and sequins? Boretski has some tips.

“You’ve got to have the willingness to be different.”

Wearing garments that are out-there and different can be difficult. The first thing you need to do is be willing to step outside your comfort zone. Boretski stresses that “the willingness to wear it, is what is key”. Something may seem totally crazy to someone else, however if you are happy with your look than it will make the outfit much easier to wear.

When it comes to wearing glamour everyday Boretski encourages mixing luxurious fabrics with more everyday pieces like denim and cozy knits. The contrast is not only unique but gives everyday pieces a more extravagant feel, while toning down the flashier ones. She goes on to say that “when it works there is nothing more beautiful, nothing more intriguing.”


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