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Loyalist promoting student carpooling

By Callie Jackson  [1]

BELLEVILLE – Loyalist College has started a contest to try to get more students to carpool to school.

The Golden Ticket contest gives you a chance to win a premium parking spot on campus.

Loyalist sustainability co-ordinator [2] Jessica Spooner said one reason for the push on carpooling is that the campus is a bit remote for public transit, walkers and cyclists.

“Loyalist is kind of set in a unique location in the city of Belleville, so it’s not super-accessible by biking. And the busing system could be enhanced,” said Spooner.

In the Golden Ticket contest, the first 24 cars with two or more people who register at the front gate each day may use one of the school’s 24 carpool spots. They are also entered into a draw.

“We wanted to provide an incentive for people to carpool and provide a bit of a reward, so every two weeks I draw a new permit number from a list of people who have used the carpool spots and then for the next two weeks the winner gets a premium parking spot. But you need to carpool to use the spot,” said Spooner.

The college is also promoting its free ride-matching service for students who are looking for a ride to school, or for those who can offer a ride. Students can access the Ride Board through their myloyalist [3] portal on the college website.

Loyalist employees can also take advantage of a free ride-matching service, set up by carpoolworld.com [3], through the website.

Spooner says the school is trying to spread the word: “Even just people knowing that if they’re looking for a ride, they can find a ride that way. I would say the biggest issue is awareness.”

Carpool spots are located in various parts of the campus.

Many students carpool to school without even realizing it, she said.

“Students are carpooling without thinking they’re carpooling. They’ll just get a ride with their buddy and (are) doing something great for the environment and not even recognizing that. So we kind of want to reward that” by giving them access to official carpool spots that are closer to the college buildings.

Alex Fobert, who studies recreation and leisure at Loyalist, she had no idea about the carpooling program.

“I never heard of heard of (it), and I’ve been a student at Loyalist for four years,” she said.

The school could spread the word better by using social media, Fobert added.

“Posting about it on the Loyalist Facebook [4], Twitter [5] and Instagram [6] … would make students more aware about it and they’ll most likely take advantage of that opportunity.”

Click here [7] for more information on carpooling at Loyalist.