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Pets are family, not presents

Two kittens playing at the Quinte Humane Society shelter. Photo by Mallory Day, QNet News

By Mallory Day [1]

BELLEVILLE – Although receiving a furry friend for Christmas can be exciting, the Quinte Humane Society [2] doesn’t allow it.

Tanya Salter, the society’s front-desk administrator, said the adoption rate for pets at Christmas is high, but the organization will not permit its animals to be given as Christmas presents.

“We like to have the owner come in and pick out the animal themselves,” Salter said.

Shelter manager Marja Degerlune-Smith explained that the reason for this is to avoid having the animal returned by a recipient who doesn’t want it or is unable to care for it: “We look for long-term commitment from the owners.”

Golden lab loves the attention. Photo by Mallory Day, QNet News

There is a four-step process for adopting an animal from the Quinte Humane Society:

“The process can take just a few minutes or a few days,” said Salter. “It depends on the animal.”