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Cobourg police warn of false social media post

By Martin Allen [1]

BELLEVILLE –  A fake news article about a Cobourg shooting on social media could end up causing a loss of personal information, Cobourg police are warning residents today.

Cobourg Police warn of this image going around, urging people if they see it not to interact with it.

Police are warning Facebook users of the picture that’s floating around Facebook. Clicking on the above image on Facebook, with the headline Brutal Shooting in Cobourg, could result in access to your personal account. If access to your account is gained, your secure information is at risk.

“Review your security settings [2] regularly,” the Cobourg Police Service [3] said in a press release. “If you followed this link, the Cobourg Police Service recommend that you review your settings right away. Notify Facebook of anything of concern related to your account.”

They say the person who made the post has “limited grammatical competency”, noting the image contains the incorrectly-spelled word ‘breking.’

The image is a photoshopped picture from a scene they responded to in 2016, according to the press release.