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Laughter is the best medicine

By Rachel Bell [1], Daniel Taylor [2]and Sophie Dudley [3]

Gail Genereaux sharing laughter on Belly Laugh Day at Loyalist College. Photo by Dan Taylor, QNet News

BELLEVILLE – On Tuesday, Jan. 24, Belly Laugh Day [4]will be taking place worldwide. The goal of the day is to promote more laughter in our daily lives, as there are many benefits [5] to having a good chuckle.

Laughter can lighten your mood, relax the body by relieving tension and stress, boost the immune system, protect the heart, burn calories, and even help you live longer.

Loyalist College counsellor Adam Gosney says laughter is essential when it comes to a counsellor-client relationship.

“I use it when I am first meeting somebody. A little bit of levity or humour helps to cut through tension, ease anxieties, build rapport, and give some sense of familiarity. It’s really used in that early relationship building phase.” Gosney says.

QNet News spoke with students about Belly Laugh Day to see if they agree that laughing makes them happier.