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The women’s march on Washington: what do local residents think?

The streets of Toronto were packed on Saturday to come together for Women’s rights and equality. Photo By Dariya Baiguzhiyeva, QNet News

By Selena Steele-Clough  [1]

BELLEVILLE –Saturday’s Women’s March is just the beginning of a movement to protect women’s rights in the face of a Donald Trump [2] presidency according to local women activists.

Saturday’s multi-city Women’s March [3] was one of the largest protests in U.S. history.

Women-led marches took place in over 600 locations all around the world, including Paris, Australia, Germany, and Mexico.

Closer to home, marches were held in Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa and among other Canadian cities.

Locally, at least one organization had a lot to say about it.

100+ Women Who Care [4],  a non-profit organization, supported what took place. The group is dedicated to supporting other charitable organizations in the community, especially those assisting women.

Lisa Anne Chatten, who is part of the leadership committee for 100+ Women Who Care, said women’s rights and equality remains a priority.

“What being a feminist means to me is having been raised to be strong, capable and intelligent regardless of my sex,” said Chatten. “My parents worked very hard to ensure that my sisters and I always knew we had a voice and the right to an opinion.”

She added it frightens her that a country like the United States puts a person like President Donald Trump, who bragged about sexual assault, in the highest office.

Despite statements made by Trump before election day, sexually explicit remarks about women aired by Access Hollywood and other major news media, Chatten said she doesn’t understand how voters would elect him.

Chatten wants to make it clear that she is very much grateful that President Donald Trump exists as a benchmark to show why we still need feminism.

“His gross comments have led to some frightening enlightenment, and maybe that’s exactly what we need in order to see some serious changes happening across the globe.”

She is not alone.

Sandy Watson, the executive director for Three Oaks, the shelter for abused women [5], gave her thoughts on why she thinks it’s important that people should always stand up for women’s rights.

Watson said that she wonders why wouldn’t anybody want to support the rights of women and human beings in general?

“I believe that women’s rights are human rights,” said Watson. “It wasn’t all that long ago that women marched to make us have the right to vote.”

She also said that it’s always important to remember that about 51 pre cent of the world population are females.

“If your not a female then you most likely have a daughter or a female partner but you definitely came from a women,” said Watson.

QNet News also talked to Loyalist College students about what they thought of the women’s march and equality.

Here is what they said:

Women’s March- Loyalist College Students React [6] from QNet News [7] on Vimeo [8].