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Up-and-coming country artists make it look easy at the Empire Theatre

In the lobby of the Empire Theatre after their show Saturday night, members of the band Runaway Angel posed with a fan, Loyalist College Fitness and Health Promotions student McKayla Thurston (second from left). The band members are (from left), Cadence Grace, Steacy Zegers and Ann Chaplin. Photo by Mallory Day, QNet News

By Mallory Day [1]

BELLEVILLE – The country music trio Runaway Angel [2] opened for Alberta-based musician Brett Kissel [3] on Saturday night at The Empire Theatre [4].

“This is simple, it’s just a step away but it took so long to take, compared to loving you:” these were some of the lyrics that rocked the stage to open up Kissel’s show for his Ice, Snow and 30 Below tour [3].

The trio has been together for three years. In an interview with QNet News on Wednesday, band member Steacy Zegers said they love performing together.

“It’s totally different to always have harmonies for every song … and to not have 100 per cent of the audience on yourself,” said Zegers. “We think about the good times and the bad times and it just makes the good times that much better.”

The Belleville show was sold out, but band member Cadence Grace said it wasn’t the first time they’ve played in front of a big audience.

“We’ve performed at Havelock Jamboree [11] and Boots and Hearts [12] music festivals also,” said Grace. “When performing at a theatre or arena, people are in a different mindset than they are at a festival, and they’re really there to enjoy the music and watch the show.”

The trio said it was a little nerve-racking to play a sold-out show.

“We didn’t expect it to be sold out and have 750 people in the audience,” said Zegers. “It’s a different vibe. It’s not a bar crowd just waiting for the band to come on and not care about what they hear.”

Third band member Ann Chaplin added: “As long as we know the songs we’re supposed to sing that day and what we’re supposed to say, we’re offering something that a solo artist can’t offer.”

The trio said performing on Kissel’s tour was a great experience and they enjoyed their time at the Belleville show.

“He’s a really genuine person and kind soul,” said Grace. “We definitely felt really welcomed and appreciated and looked after, so it was a really positive experience.”

The artists said they hope to release a third album, have lots of tour dates across Canada and have a lot more adventures together.