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Knight-a-gram delivery service for Valentines Day


An example of a personalized scroll sent out last year for Valentine’s Day by a knight-a-gram. Photo courtesy of Blades of Glory.

By Vanessa Stark [1]

CAMPBELLFORD – Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and an area company has created a unique way to show your love and prove you do have a knight in shining armour.

Blades of Glory is the place to go if you are looking for a new way to surprise someone. You can now order a knight-a-gram to announce your love or any other message you wish to share with someone dear to you.

“A knight-a-gram is a message delivered by a knight. So we have our knights dressed up in full armour and we bring a herald who would actually cry out the message and then our knight hands out a flower to the person,” said Montse Alvarado, a partner of Blades of Glory.

These knights wear full medieval armour that they make themselves to be as authentic as possible and normally make the announcements in a public place.

Blades of Glory was created in 1994 as a Scottish/medieval festival, but since has undergone many changes. Now the group employs about 10 fighters and other members who are working with the local school curriculums to help educate students from Grades 3 to 11 on myth and fallacies of the medieval period.  They also offer medievally-themed birthday parties, weddings, axe throwing, feasts and medieval day camps for the public.

Henry Heydon, the creator of Blades of Glory, says that people react with excitement when presented with a knight-a-gram.

“Actually they seem to be quite excited, last year we had two people doing it. In fact, we bumped into one of the ladies who received one of the roses last year. She remembered the guy who handed it to her and she was still excited a year later so that was neat,”  Heydon said.

But it is not just for Valentine’s Day. You can send a knight-a-gram to anyone anytime.

“It could be for a birthday party or a surprise from a girlfriend to another girlfriend saying ‘you finally got your knight in shining armour’ or something fun like that,” Alvarado said

The knight-a-grams allow you to personalize any message for any occasion and you can even ask them to deliver charms or gifts as well.

You can order these knight-a-grams for around $150 at bladesofglory.ca [6] or through their Facebook page.