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Get out and enjoy #WinterWalkDay

By Stephanie Clue [1]

BELEVILLE – Despite the cold, winter weather shouldn’t stop you from being active.

#WinterWalkDay is a hashtag on social media to encourage people to get outside, said Jenifer May-Anderson, communications officer for Quinte Conservation.

“It helps to promote getting people outdoors and enjoying the winter weather,” she said.

May-Anderson says Quinte Conservation has been using its social media accounts to inspire people to be active.

“We’re suggesting that people go and visit a local conservation area and take a walk in the snow,” she said.

She added that people have the idea that conservation areas can only be visited in warmer weather, and says there a plenty of things to do in the winter.

“They think coming in the summer for picnics and hiking trails is the only time to visit, but there is a wide variety of things for people to do at conservation areas in the winter, such as hiking and some areas are good for snowshoeing,” May-Anderson said.

Winter is also a good time for bird watching and tracking footprints in the snow.

Matthew Chamilliard, a Loyalist student, says he doesn’t like the winter season because of how cold it can be.

“I probably liked the season more as a kid when I made snowmen, but I’ve never been great at winter sports,” he said.

Chamilliard says rather than doing winter sports, he just works at his job.

“I work in the auto department at Walmart, and it can be a pretty high intensity place to work. There is a lot of lifting and physical labour involved,”  Chamilliard said.

He added that he is more active in the warmer months, but didn’t shoot down visiting a conservation area in the winter.

“I’d probably go, it sounds like it could be fun,” he said.

May-Anderson also urges people to be safe.

“Always dress for the weather and know the area you’re hiking in.”