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Heart and Stroke Foundation kicks off Heart Month in Belleville

By Martin Allen [1]

BELLEVILLE – February is Heart Month in Belleville.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is going door to door this month to educate people on heart health.

Jackie St. Pierre, manager of the local Heart and Stroke Foundation, said the group’s new slogan – “Life: we don’t want you to miss it” – encapsulates the message of education for this year’s Heart Month.

Volunteers will visit homes with a risk-assessment tool, she told QNet News.

“We’re inviting people to take the tool and use it to understand their risk of for heart disease and talk to their doctor about it.”

The survey looks at factors such as diet and how much you exercise, and uses the information to assess your risk of heart disease.

St. Pierre said the biggest thing you can do to improve your heart health is to get moving [2].

“Sedentary lifestyle today is equated to about the same as smoking,” she said. “Certainly as you get older in life it’s more important to get moving. Kids today aren’t moving as we adults used to.”

You can ensure you have a happy heart by eating a healthy diet, staying away from sugary drinks, exercising and limiting your alcohol consumption, she said.

Mayor Taso Christopher agrees. He helped kick off Heart Month.

“I had the privilege of raising the Heart and Stroke Foundation flag this month at the Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre [3],” he told QNet News. “Initiatives like this are very important. As long as we continue to brand a healthy lifestyle we can make a difference. We have 17 kilometres of trails and facilities and we have to send that message to get people out there and use them.”