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Brighton’s Cold Creek County is nominated for a Juno award

The band rehearsing for an awards show in September 2016. Photo courtesy of Cold Creek County

By Mallory Day [1]

BELLEVILLE – Country music group Cold Creek County [2] from Brighton [3] is nominated for breakthrough group of the year at the Juno awards [4].

The band was formed in 2013 by lead singer Brandon Scott and drummer Doug Oliver. Shortly after that, lead guitarist Trevor MacLeod, second guitarist Josh Lester and his brother and bass player Justin Lester were added. 

Justin Lester said he was playing in garage bands in 2014 when Cold Creek County approached him.

“They said, ‘Hey, can you learn five songs? We’re gonna showcase for Sony in a week.’ And I’m like, ‘A week, five songs – I think I can do it,”  he said. “That was a couple of years ago now, and ever since then it’s just (taken) off.”

Josh Lester said some of the other members knew one another before becoming a band.

“Each member kind of had their own projects going on, he said. He and his brother were in a band called Blue Suede Jacket. “Once our band kind of slowed down a bit, I called Doug to ask if he was looking for a guitar player or anything. That’s right at the time they started putting this whole thing together, and I came out and tried out.”

Both Lesters said it feels pretty amazing to be nominated for a Juno.

“To recognize that level and think that this year we’re a part of that – it’s special, you know?” said Justin Lester.

Josh Lester added: “The excitement happens more the closer it gets to the actual date. It’s crazy to think we’re going to be there with all these other artists. I don’t think it’s going to settle in until we actually walk in there and be a part of the whole thing.”

The Juno awards are being held this year in Ottawa [5] on April 2.