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A military mission inspires an entrepreneurial dream

Tammy Dixon (left) and Crystal MacKinnon say they are confident becoming first-time businesswomen in Trenton, as they attended an entrepreneur meet and greet in Brighton. Photo by Rachel Stark, QNet News

By Rachel Stark [1]

BELLEVILLE – Two retired soldiers in Trenton took inspiration from their military careers to start their own start-up business.

Operation Athena [2] was the name of the military mission that Crystal MacKinnon and Tammy Dixon were deployed on, which would also become the inspiration to start their own company.

MacKinnon and Dixon had over 27 years experience serving in the military as logistics specialists, transporting, managing and taking inventory of supplies. They said they took a leap of confidence to start Athena Freight Services Inc. [3], which would become an up and running logistics company in the Trenton area today.

The business was named after their military mission, where they were part of transporting millions of pounds of freight in and out of Afghanistan. Their deployment got them both talking about the business idea.

“We talked about what a great opportunity it would be for us to start a business together, so that deployment is where the idea came about,” said MacKinnon.

The two retired their military position in May 2016, then worked on their business plans until opening the company’s doors in August. The two agree working together as business partners has been an enjoyable experience.

“We are both strong women and we don’t like to rush in to things,” said Dixon. “We like to research and make sure we are doing it the right way.”

Having the background they do, they said, gives their clients confidence in their services.

“They love our story about how we have a logistics background, so we have nothing but positive feedback,” said Dixon.

The company ships internationally, and can transport freights a minimum of 500 lbs.

Starting their own company has been full of new experiences, they said, but every part of the process has been enjoyable.

“What sets Athena Freight Services Inc. apart from the competition is the experience and level of commitment promised to every single client,” states the company’s website.

When they both got posted in Trenton, MacKinnon told QNet News, they thought it was a sign to work together as business partners.

“It’s something that we love to do, and in the end, we are doing it together,” said MacKinnon.