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Frankford Riverfest is all about family

By Steph Croiser


FRANKFORD, ON. (21/05/2011) The sun was shining on the Frankford Riverfest where families enjoyed the rides, the petting zoo, performers, and a new low $2 price of admission. Photo by Steph Crosier

Last weekend Frankford hosted families from all over Quinte for its annual Riverfest with a carnival and music.

But gone was the beer tent, loud music and the party atmosphere. It was all part of an attempt by organizers to turn Riverfest into more of a family event.

“The shift of this event is really family-based,” said Sarah Tummon,  Quinte West special events coordinator. “So we just want to provide something for families to do on the long weekend.

“As a city we definitely want to cater to families, we aren’t really in the business of providing a party, that’s not really what we want to do. We want to be really community oriented and have something for families to do on the weekend.”

This year’s event was more of a carnival with performances from Andy Forie, a children’s entertainer, Kristopher the Twistopher, a local balloon artist from Belleville, The Tebworth Brothers, The Fade Kings, and a fireworks display.

Also new this year was a $2 admittance fee that went straight to the cost of the midway carnival and performers.

“We really wanted to make sure families were getting value for their dollar,” said Tummon. “We really wanted to work hard to get the admission fee down so when you come into the park and everything is free, except for the rides.”

Tanya Wilson, who enjoyed the festivities with her children, said she welcomed the lower fee.

“It wasn’t a problem to pay the $5 because you get a lot,” said Wilson. “Now you get even more for just $2.”

The new format appeared to be a hit with families.

Larry Reynolds brought his little brother from the Big Brothers program. “The car show is a really nice addition and the petting zoo, and they’ve made it more family oriented. It’s nice.”

Heather Mack and her family loved the rides and the new petting zoo.

“We love the octopus,” said Mack’s daughter Alison. “I like the little goats at the zoo.”