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Cris Cuddy set to perform at The Old Church Theatre in Trenton

Cris Cuddy (left) performing with The Undesirables (right). Photo credit to criscuddy.com

By Leah Den Hartogh [1]

QUINTE WEST – After performing and writing music for decades, music has become more than just a part of Cris Cuddy’s [2] life – it is his life.

“When you do your own material you feel it and to me that’s what music is – it’s a feeling. That’s why I was first interested in music, it was because I felt something.”

He first started playing music when he was in his early teens. The music that he was playing back then didn’t affect him in any way.

“I don’t think I played anything that moved me for a while but you know it was a challenge for me.”

But that changed over time. Composing music that affects the listener is an important part of being an artist, he said. “I can say if you are an artist or musician … the best thing you can do is do exactly what you feel and do what you want to do.”

He does not believe that the music industry has always helped him accomplish this – he is frustrated with the business part of the industry.

“I’ve played music and written music all my life, but i’ve never really gotten into the business side of it. We never tried to become a commercial band or what you would hear on the radio – that is the type of music we don’t play,” he said.

He enjoys playing a variety of music: blues, country, bluegrass, rockabilly, calypso, all with a bit of reggae influence.

When he reached out to The Old Church Theatre [3] located in Trenton the theatre was proud that artists like Cuddy wanted to play at their smaller venue.

“The idea that Cris Cuddy contacted us to play here. It’s getting out there that this is sort of the place to play great sound,” said Lesley Bonisteel, owner of the theatre. “We’ve had a number of fantastic musicians come through and I think they’re letting people know that this is a place to play.”

Being back in the area and performing his music again in Trenton after so many years means a lot to Cuddy.

“Just getting back to the old area, it’s great for me. I mean I love it down there,” said Cuddy, who’s originally from Whitby.

The Old Church Theatre will be the perfect place for him to showcase his music, he said.

“I know that they are dedicated music people [at The Old Church Theatre], it means that everyone gets what they want. It means the audience gets a good performance and we get a good audience.”

His varying styles will bring-in a new audience to the theatre, said Bonisteel. The theatre can fit approximately 45 to 50 people.

Cuddy has just released his latest solo album Jerry Lee and Elvis [4]. The album is the twelfth album he has released since 2003.

“People are going to like the new sound,” said Bonisteel.

His latest album with be sold at the concert as well as he will be signing copies.

The music he produces he describes as being very melodic, “when you hear it you may remember it, that’s one thing that is missing in music these days. Everybody seems to really catch on to certain songs which ever one it is, almost everybody leaves with a favourite song.”

His song, “Gone Again”, was featured on an album from three-time, Grammy-nominated artist Claire Lynch. Lynch took Cuddy’s song and put her own interpretation on it. The album, “North by South”, is a compilation of bluegrass Canadian artist’s work.

The concert is set to begin at 7 p.m on April 8.