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Loyalist art and design students offer the public “A Change in Perspective”

By Jenna Leslie [1] and Demii Niles [2]

BELLEVILLE – Loyalist College art and design [3] students are showcasing their work at in a week long art exhibition at the college.

The A Change in Perspective [4] exhibit offers the public a chance to see what goes on in a program like art and design. The exhibition consists of all of the varying techniques and styles of the students in the program.

According to the program coordinator, Aaron Rose, the exhibition is a way for students to show off the work that they have done throughout the year while also drawing attention to the program itself and everything that it entails.

“I think the ultimate goal is that students are able to see their work in a completed way because quite often it just lives in the world of assignments… This gives the work a different life,” explained Rose.

“They’ve seen, learned and grown as makers and potential designers and artists.” Rose went on to say, “The exhibit doesn’t specifically address their changes but it does show that they all came to this program from one place or another… the changes may not appear in the show but its more of a philosophical change of a student over time.”

When QNet News spoke to some of the art and foundation students about the exhibit, they reflected on what the program had taught them. Dylan Rupnow, a 2017 graduate, said the program taught him a lot. 

“This program taught me how to be more versatile and open-minded when it comes to creating artwork. It showed me how to be methodical with the message the work will protest and how to present myself and my work in a more professional manner.” Rupnow said. 


Dylan Rupnow explains a fortune cookie with the message, “You will make a fortune with a friend,” inspired his art piece. 


When describing his work, Rupnow said, “My concept was about a friend and I foreseeing a fortunate date for the world in the years to come.”

“The earth is a crystal ball and the northern lights, snow and stars showing the illumined visions we had for the earth being reborn and illuminated from repression.” Rupnow explained his work is a rebirth piece that he was aiming to create.

Rose’s advice for students next year is to come in with an open mind and come in ready to work.

“Taking part in the exhibition benefits those who want to go into a fine artwork pathway,” explained Rose.

The exhibition runs from March 31 to April 8.