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How to help a turtle cross the road

By Lindsey Cooke [1] and Olivia Timm [2]

If you’ve ever seen a “Turtle Crossing” sign along a highway and wondered what it was about, there were answers at the Hillcrest Animal Hospital [3] in Trenton on Tuesday evening.

Wendy Bagg, education co-ordinator for the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre [4], informed people that turtles are at risk and need your help, especially when it comes to crossing the road.  

Mr. D and Andrea were the two turtles at the seminar. Mr. D is a snapping turtle that suffers from a spine injury after being hit by a boat propeller, and can no longer swim.

Andrea is a painted turtle who lost her eye after being hit by a car.

In the video below, Bagg shows the audience how to carefully pick up a snapping turtle and bring it to safety.