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OPP warn residents of potential flooding

By Sophie Dudley [1]

NORTHUMBERLAND – The Northumberland OPP are warning residents about the potential for flooding.

In a news release, the OPP says that due to the spring thaw which is expected to bring heavy precipitation, there is potential for flooding in local watersheds. Concerns have been raised as water levels in the area are already increasing.

Boaters and nature lovers who are using the waterways are being reminded that the water is still cold and may be flowing faster than normal because of the time of year. 

The Canada Shipping Act [2] says any residents using a waterway of any size must be respectful and use the necessary safety equipment. Boaters should also be aware of submerged hazards like docks and cottage property that may have floated away with the water level changes.

Northumberland OPP are recommending children and pets stay away from fast moving water and areas with potential for flooding.