StudentWorks is a directory of student submissions, both formal and experimental, for various assignments in the Journalism Program at Loyalist College.

On Their Own

Jennifer Bowman – May 2012

The plight of sexually abused women and children in rural areas.

Bullying – You’re Not Alone

Miller Reynolds – April 2012

Bullying remains a problem

No such thing as a “Boy” sport

Steph Crosier – April 2012

Why is there a stereotype?

Prince Edward County Voice

Nicole Kleinsteuber – February 2012

Speaking of political and social news

Traditionally Native

Trish Allison – February 2012

Tekwanonhweratons (I Welcome You)

Cost of Sports

Laine Sedore – February 2012

The Cost of Sports takes an in depth look at the rising cost to enroll your child in sports and the decline of participation in sports over the last couple years.

Education Through Sports

Andrew Mendler – February 2012

An in-depth look at the athletic recruitment process.

Harvesting the Future – Women on Ontario’s Family Farms

Katrina Geenevasen – February 2012

How women are changing the face of the family farm.

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