Why is there a stereotype?

Athletes like Cassie Campbell who won two gold medals and a silver for Canada in Olympic hockey. Maria Sharapova has over $18 million in professional tennis prize money. Danica Patrick just started her NASCAR career. All these women beautiful in a tough and male dominated sport.

This website tells the stories of women in a male dominated sport and proves that just because a woman plays a tough sport, doesn't make her a butch. Read the story of 17-year-old Cindy who played in the under-17 world championship and now plays Trent University Women's Rugby, watch five-year-old Arianna skate with the boys, read and listen to an expert in women's sports, compare girls playing their sport and being feminine, and see what others are saying about women in sport via social media.

Loyalist College second year journalism student Steph Crosier looks into the sterotype that girls and women face when they play an unfeminine sport.