Bullying remains a problem

Despite the efforts of local and international anti-bullying support groups and campaigns, students are still feeling victimized and helpless when they are bullied.

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Five members of the P.A.C.B group show their newly formed anti-bullying facebook group.

Upon talking to numerous Loyalist College students, the consensus has emerged that people don't believe there is enough being done to prevent bullying and support the victims.

A newly formed group in the Belleville area, Parents Against Childhood Bullying, was formed after a 10-year-old girl wrote a letter to the editor about being bullied. Members of the group say their approach to preventing bullying is unique.

To learn more about the group, visit the P.A.C.B page here.


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Loyalist College students have shared their personal stories about being bullied and how they feel bullying affects people emotionally and physically. To watch the video and listen to opinions from students who have experienced bullying, click here.


For the people who remain in the dark about bullying, and how it effects students, there are a suprising amount of statistics that may come as a shock to many people. To take a look at some stats, click here.