Cost of sports on the rise

The Cost of Sports takes an in depth look at the rising cost to enroll your child in sports and the decline of participation in sports over the last couple years. The Cost Of Sports gives you real life experiences and stories from people who have felt the financial burden of enrolling their child in sports. It also gives you financial advice from people who have experienced it, also well from an expert at Canadian Tire Jumpstart.

In Participation on the decline reporter Laine Sedore shows the decline of participation in sports over the years in three graphs.

In Can't put a price Laine Sedore tells a story through text about the experiences you get from putting your child in sports.

Todd Robertson explains how he got by is a slide of photos wrapped with the voice of Todd Robertson explaining the experiences he had putting his daughter in hockey.

In Personal sacrifices for sports Laine Sedore uses his voice to tell the story of sacrifices that were made to enroll children in sports. The page also includes an audio interview with the past President of Belleville Baseball. And a interview with the Regional Manager of Canadian Tire Jumpstart.

Under the Video section is Loyalist College Athletic Director Jim Buck explains how he put four kids through sports.

Share your story is the online forum where you can sign up and share your personal experiences with expenses in sports.

Resources is where you can find information on where to get financial help aswell as a list of most of thesports organizations in the Belleville area.