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QNet News to host live chat on bike lanes

By Mike Fleming [1] and Evan McClelland [2]

BELLEVILLE – QNet News will be hosting a live chat Tuesday April 3 about bike lanes in the community.

The chat, linked to here [3], is to take place at 6:30 p.m. with city councillor Egerton Boyce and Adam Tilley of the Brake Room as guests.

The city of Belleville is currently entering the third phase of its plan to expand bike lanes on Bridge Street West.

The main topic [3] of the live chat will be the creation of new bike lanes and routes as part of phase three.

The third phase will focus on expanding or adding bike lanes on Bridge Street West, as part of Belleville’s larger cycling network plan [4].

The plan is to have the Bridge Street bike lane eventually lead to the college, but the city is still waiting on Loyalist to commit to extending the bike lane once it hits campus. 

Phase three is part of an attempt to win silver in the Bicycle Friendly Community Award says Boyce.

Belleville currently has been awarded bronze, along with 27 other cities. The number of cities with silver on the other hand is nine.