Loyalist College students reflect on bullying

Out of the many opinions of Loyalist College students, there are some key points that shine a light on the issue of bullying.


“Those kind of things don't exactly go away with punishment." - Lee Woodcock

So even if there is the assistance available, the kids don't neccasarily want to go to it because then they're a pansy, or a rat, or whatever that looks like." - Jen McCartnie

It's not so much the people bullying that should be held responsible, but the people who are around that don't stop it, and I know we're told that a lot when we're younger, but it really should be enforced more." - Tyler Hunt


Other people stepped forward to tell their stories of bullying.

In my high school people bullied this one boy a lot. He was bullied basically everyday by a group of the "popular" kids and other people in the school too. no one seemed to pay any attention to it or stick up for him. It was going on for at least a couple of years, maybe before because I didnt know him when he was in public school. But I remember this one time the people bullying him embarrassed him in front of the whole school during lunch in the cafeteria. everyone in the cafeteria laughed and then no one saw the boy for a couple of days after. No one really paid any attention to it because he didnt seem to have many friends, but he did have a girlfriend and I remember her saying that he wasnt contacting her at all and she had not seen or heard from him since the incident. Then the next week i remember we had an assembly at school because the teachers and principals had to inform us that the boy hung himself because of being bullied. It was really sad." - Kirsti Smith

When I was a kid I was bullied sort of, but it lead to good and bad things, like I learned to stand up and defend myself, I'm not soft at all anymore, but on the other hand if I was more of a softy I probably wouldn't have ever ended up in jail, and probably would have better friends than the ones I have now." - Cody Simpson

After hearing from Loyalist College students and members of the Parents Against Childhood Bullying group, a live blog was set up to allow these people to further discuss the issue of bullying. Many great ideas were shared, practicial plans to improve anti-bullying tactics were discussed, and personal experiences of bullying were talked about.

To see what the Quinte area community is discussing about bullying, click here to see the live blog.